Confidentiality for data and file sharing

Regain control of your data, work more efficiently

Compatible with most infrastructures and all smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac

No more enigmatic clouds or vulnerable servers

We secure your files according to your specifications: environment, country… always with a very Defense level of resilience.

You control who can access what:

Inside your group: family, partners, staff
Outside : clients, advisors, investors…

Outside : clients, advisors, investors…
Whatever your use case is : project management, personal back-up, document storage or sharing…

Aturys designs solutions that meet the highest and latest expectations, thanks to technologies and applications initially accessible only by defense and critical organizations.

We build encrypted libraries according to your private and business requirements, which also enables sharing within a team, with external contributors. Libraries are completely integrated in your environment, easy and personalized to fit your habits and security expectations
We have tested so many worst-case scenarios to protect you… from a basic loss or theft of your devices, up to the hacking of the datacenters

You can choose the level of security you expect (up to “defense confidential”), for the best balance between simplicity and security

With your client, an easy link but secured enables them to access files you want to send them.

  • Private network, only for people you select
  • Proven and certified technology
  • No more document in free access on the networks
  • Bespoke infrastructure
  • Local host or within a selected datacenter : just as you request

Your confidential files are in your safe, only accessible by people you decide.


Do you want to keep your conmmunications safe and confidential?