Get back to serenity thanks to the real confidentiality

Compatible with all smartphones, tablets and computers

Your communication integrally secured

Technological excellence by THALES combined with user-friendly and intuitive applications : phone, video, confcall, files transfer, chat groups, documents sharing…
From your stakes and your lifestyle, Aturys is building a secured private network, dedicated to you. Without changing your ways or your smartphone, you communicate with no restriction, safe and cool.

To make smartphone confidential and safe, we have worked with the worldwide specialist of defense communications, to eliminate any risk of spy, interception or leak
Aturys : your Confidentiality Manager
Why such a level of requirements? Because imagination of hackers and ill-intentioned people is limitless and just because vulnerabilities are in details. For your safety, you deserve the best.
  • Communication security
  • Devices integrity
  • Peace of mind

When you choose Aturys, you access an exclusive service, close to you, turnkey and effective.
You can also safely communicate with thousands of people in business, already equipped by Aturys or Thales.

  • Secured private network
  • Compliant with professional secret requirements
  • No public trace on networks
  • Compatible with your devices: iPhone, Android, PC and Mac
  • Flexible and easy to deploy with your clients, partners and third-parts.
  • Fitted to your uses:
    • family and relatives
    • business
    • Clients…
You want to make your communications inviolable?