Security and confidentiality check-up

To be aware of vulnerabilities, and to remedy them

Smartphones and computers, infrastructure, governance, human behaviors

Just become aware and act

We spend more time on our smartphone than on our computer. Nevertheless, what security you did install? Our mobiles concentrate a lot of information, personal and professional. Are you aware they are now the major weakness for your privacy and confidentiality?

Aturys has developed an innovative method to assess your stakes in confidentiality, your risks and to define operational solutions, easy and effective. The goal is to significantly and effectively increase your protection and your serenity, while preserving your habits and your freedom, daily.

Faults are not anymore where they are expected to be

The main cases of vulnerability we detect show a growth of faults and attacks on mobiles, iOS and Android. Numerous faults are created by involuntary behavior or bad configurations. The human factor is a real lever of attack for hackers and criminals.

To remedy these vulnerabilities, Aturys has designed a matrix to scan the practices of a person, a family or a team, to identify the faults and to assess the real risks. We accompany people and teams to choose the right actions (according to his criteria), and to help them to act effectively: plan, budget, implementation, change management, training and coaching…

Every person involuntarily generates faults, daily.

The role of Aturys is to accompany you to control and eliminate these faults, discreetly, without constraint.

Only in case of imminent danger, we intervene directly by your side to counter an attack or a leak.

  • Clear and formalized understanding of your strengths, faults and vulnerabilities
  • Report and debriefing adapted at the level of IT experience of each person
  • Real decision-making tool
  • Identification of fast actions to set up : “quick wins”
  • Awareness accelerator for people working with you
  • Bespoke accompany and support for implementation

Easy to understand, for all

  • Our synthesis and recommendations are in words of the everyday life, to allow the decision-makers to act, even layman.
  • Technical appendices help further analysis and are real guidelines for technical teams..
You want to make your communications inviolable?